is a systems-based model with the view that we are made up of subpersonalities. They all have a role to play in who and how we are, with our true self managing our own internal team. 

The true self leads the other subpersonality "parts", like a director or a manager, keeping us balanced and healthy.

There are also manager parts that control and protect the more vunerable hurt wounded parts, like anger and shame. Sometimes, there is conflict between these parts that creates tension and unrest.

We work with the true self to get to know the other parts that make up the system, and see how they work and function together. A bit like getting to know all the characters in a movie or play.

We learn from all the different parts about their individual roles; their motivations, wishes and needs - even those parts that make us feel uncomfortable.

We begin to cultivate a sense of value for each part, inclusion for all, and in doing so, we build trust.

By showing each part respect and compassion, we create a space for the more fragile parts to be heard, seen and accepted so deep healing can take place.

Here, Dick Schwartz, the founder of IFS, gives a quick 8 minute overview of the model:

"Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."